Measurement tasks

Operating and monitoring test objects during an environmental simulation, transportation, or specialized test is often one of our customer’s most important requirements.
We offer a variety of measurement systems and analytic processes to meet these requirements and handle a range of measurement tasks. Measured values include current, voltage, frequency, acceleration, differential and absolute pressure, as well as length and weight.
Different software applications are available to evaluate measured data. Our laboratory works with applications such as LabVIEW, DASYLab, SolidWorks, SO Analyzer (M&P) and vAnalyser (Maul-Theet).

Electrical voltage, Amperage, Length, Weight, Frequency, Acceleration, Temperature, Relative humidity, Force, Pressure, Energy, Flow rate

Design and construction of testing machines

„Exceptional performance for your quality needs!“
Our extensive expertise in life cycle and specialized testing has helped us create our test equipment & test bench designs. Testing quality, reliability, and cost efficiency are the focus of our planning and implementation. From specification manual to execution and documentation, we work hand in hand with you.
Examples of test equipment made by our company include seat cushion test benches, safety belt test benches, upsetting pressure presses, and fall tables.

Specialized testing

Do you have a specific requirement for your prototype, or need comprehensive consulting going beyond the typical scope of environmental tests under DIN EN ISO? Our extensive expertise in specialized prototype testing (components, parts, and overall systems) allows us to support you and provide you with comprehensive advising in creating test methods. We can help you complete tests with your prototypes to get them ready for the market. Specialized testing includes, for example:

  • Transportation drawings
  • Vibration testing with additional force transmission
  • Shock tests during operation
  • Vibration tests with media flow
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